Cars Rental terms


Rental Terms


1. The provisions envisaged in this document represents the compulsory conditions for the rental purposes between the Lessee and Lessor; It is an integral part of the inspection act signed between the Parties and shall be considered together with the inspection act;

2. Only the authorized person by the inspection act or other appropriate person car drive the vehicle;

3. Vehicle should be returned to the agreed date and time, in the same condition as it was delivered.

4. The “Lessee” is responsible for the payment of all expenses related to the operating (using) of the vehicle during the period when he/she was directly benefiting from (using) this vehicle. (These costs include fuel, violation of traffic rules and any other expenses which are not expressly stated in this Agreement, however arising out by using of the rental object).

5. In any situation, which refers due to damage against “ Lessor” in accordance with using of the rented Vehicle (including but not limited to: car accident, car theft, etc.) immediately, at any time of day and night notify the “Lessor” about such situation by calling the following telephone number: + 995_599255949; +995598775740 and/or by calling to insurance company in the following telephone number + 995______.

6. The Lessee is obliged to strictly protect and follow the traffic rules; At the same time Lessee is obliged to use the Vehicle on the section of paved roads only; it is prohibited to operate the vehicle in the Inaccessible Area.

7. The Vehicle is transferred to the Lessee in a satisfactory condition, technically suitable for operating and using during the rental period, with the appropriate Insurance; thus, the Lessee, confirms, that the insurance does not exempt it from using the rental item with the proper rules of exploitation.

8. Lessee is obliged to pay for each day of delay to return a Vehicle a double amount of a per day rental fee.

9. Lessor is obliged to provide any relevant information to the Lessee at any time (day and night) and /or provide the necessary assistance according to the rental conditions and using the rental object;

10. The rental price defined by the inspection act includes all the taxes provided by Georgian Legislation. The official exchange rate of the currency set by the National Bank of Georgia on the payment date will be used for the payment purposes. Payments are to be made in advance, prior to the transfer of the rental item. In addition, Cash received as a deposit (if any) shall be returned to the Lessee as soon as a rental item is returned, to the Lessor; except the situation when there exists violation of the terms of this Contract and / or the rental object is damaged by the Lessee.

11. All the issues that are not regulated under this document and/ or may arise between the parties will be settled in accordance with Georgian Legislation. All disputes arising from this Agreement shall first and foremost be settled by negotiations between the parties. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement, the disputes shall be settled in court, according with the Georgian legislation. Court ruling of the first instance (including the payment order) shall be subject to immediate execution under Article 268.1 1 of the Civil Procedural Code of Georgia.

12. By signing the present document, parties agree that transfer and the return date of the vehicle (rental object) are the same dates, as specified in this Contract (clause A.2); herewith, any change and/or any additional agreement about the terms of this Contract, shall be made in writing; hereby, Lessee confirms, that he/she was transferred the Vehicle on the date specified in the present document and in the inspection act.

13. Operation of the vehicle transport is the authority of the Lessor and lack of use and/or delayed use of the vehicle transport shall not lead to the refusal to pay the agreed rental fee or to a reduction of the rental fee, nor to any change in the due dates of payment. For purposes of the present Agreement it shall be assumed that the Lessee shall start using the vehicle transport at the moment of the present document and the inspection act.

14. If at the time of return it is identified that the vehicle transport is damaged, namely if a defect/harm is incurred, which was not mentioned in the inspection act signed by the parties and/or in case of loss the Lessee did not inform the Lessor imediatly about it, the Lessee shall have the obligation to compensate the Lessor for any expenses and damages caused by it.

15. Conditions set forth in the present document are valid upon the signing (from the moment of transferring the vehicle to the Lessee) until delivering it back to the Lessor.

16. In case of termination of renting the vehicle by the Lessee, the Lessee shall not get a refund of the rental fee

17. Lessor is obliged:

To ensure the fulfillment of the terms set forth in the present document and in the inspection act and the right of the Lessee to use the rental property.

18. Lessee is obliged to:

 Use the vehicle transport according to the defined purpose.

 Consume no alcoholic beverages and/or fall under impact of no narcotic substances while driving.

 Transfer the vehicle transport to no third party, including the following (not an exhaustive list):

a) minors

b) individuals without driving license;

c) individuals under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or narcotic substances.

 Adhere to the traffic rules.

 Shall not breach the legislation of the country, where the vehicle transport is driven

 Immediately notify the Lessor if the vehicle transport is damaged;

 Protect the vehicle from damage and keep it safe;

 Compensate to the Lessor if upon the return of the vehicle transport any damage is identified and/or harm has been incurred.

19. By signing the present Agreement the Lessee hereby assures and confirms that presented Driving License is not forfeited and has no less than 6 month history of driving a vehicle transport; At the same time is capacitated, 21 years old, and has full authority to convene the present document and inspection act;

21. The Lessee shall compensate any damage incurred by his/her failure and/or inadequate execution to honor the obligations assumed under the present Terms and Inspection Act.

22. The Lessee agrees to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as indicated; Failure to meet this obligation Lessee will be required to pay the proportional amount (cash) of the reduced fuel.

23. The vehicle will be transferred to the Lessee with an appropriate insurance. Which implies compensation with the full insurance package for any negligence against the vehicle by the Lessee and / or for any damage by the third party. The Lessee is obliged to notify the Lessor immediately for any loss, and not to move the car out of the accident place without reference of the authorized person.